Episode 08:
The Federal Trial Process

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Originally scheduled to be tried in Lawton with U.S. District Judge Wayne Allen (Judge Allen and his staff were injured during the bombing), a change of venue was ordered and the trial was moved to Denver, Colorado with District Judge Richard Matsch. Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols faced 4 charges including The Use of a Truck Bomb as a Weapon of Mass Destruction… The premise of the case is that both men worked alone and in concert with one another.

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Episode 8 Production Notes

Original podcast date: April 10, 2015

Don Swift • Executive Producer, Project Concept & Marketing
Rick Buchanan • Producer, Researcher, Writer
Ken Sarkey • Producer, Recording Engineer, Music Composer, Editor
Jeremy Gossett • Producer, Recording Engineer, Program Announcer
Brenda Bennett • Program Host
Stephanie Moore • Project Coordinator, Scheduling, Social Media & Marketing, Web Assistance
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In order of their appearance, those interviewed or included in this episode:

Bob Ricks
Chief of Police – Edmond Oklahoma Police Dept., formerly FBI Special Agent In Charge – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Christy Sarkey
Sergeant – Edmond Oklahoma Police Dept., formerly with the FBI and Bomb Squad Member.

Patrick Ryan
Attorney, formerly U.S. District Attorney for the Western District of Oklahoma, on the prosecution team in both McVeigh and Nichols trials.

Phil Bacharach
Journalist/writer for the Oklahoma Gazette, author of “The McVeigh Letters” for Esquire Magazine

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  1. Thank you for the great way you have reported on the tragic bombing in the Oklahoma City bombing. Your voices tell the sad story beautifully. I am so glad to hear parts of the story that I missed. I was was in a classroom that day with two students who lost their moms.


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