Episode 07:
Being There: What Was It Like?

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We can only imagine what it is like to have a first-hand reflection of losing a loved one in the Oklahoma City Bombing. In this episode, one woman shares her detailed account of loss, the trial and the love showered by a community of support.

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Episode 7 Production Notes

Original podcast date: March 27, 2015

Don Swift • Executive Producer, Project Concept & Marketing
Rick Buchanan • Producer, Researcher, Writer
Ken Sarkey • Producer, Recording Engineer, Music Composer, Editor
Jeremy Gossett • Producer, Recording Engineer, Program Announcer
Brenda Bennett • Program Host
Stephanie Moore • Project Coordinator, Scheduling, Social Media & Marketing, Web Assistance
Nina Jones • Web Design

In order of their appearance, those interviewed or included in this episode:

Melody (Sarkey) Hoppers
Licensed PhysicalTherapist Assistant, Real Mysteries Assoc. Producer, Interview, Research & Transcriptions

Catherine Simonds
Events Manager, Oklahoma State Fairgrounds

Keith Simonds
Oklahoma City Police Dept. (Retired)

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