Episode 13:
Transforming Our Trauma

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Transforming Our Trauma.
In a moment, Dr. Michael Anderson of Westminster Church while standing in St. Anthony’s Hospital, as victims of the Oklahoma City Bombing arrive with various injuries… some very severe and some not as severe, realizes the magnitude of tragedy.

He acknowledges the overwhelming impact, the amount of suffering and the amazing coordination of emergency health officials. The compassionate and accurate response of emergency medical systems was simply amazing.

What resulted was a moving sermon written by Dr. Anderson late Saturday night, April 26, 1995. The sermon’s words of enlightenment, encouragement, hope, love and understanding was copied and shared with more than 2,000 people. It also included and amazing plan to help transform trauma into peace, hope and love. (Download a PDF Copy of Dr. Anderson’s Sermon)

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Episode 13 Production Notes

Original podcast date: May 19, 2015

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In order of their appearance, those interviewed or included in this episode:

Dr. Michael Anderson
Westminster Church

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  1. Even though I’m related- Mike is my husband (but wasn’t at the time of the bombing)- this interview is very moving for anytime. Lolly Anderson


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