Episode 12:
Community Leaders Reflect

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Community Leaders Reflect.  Mike Turpen shares the purpose and intentional sharing of information utilizing new technology at the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum.

Rockie Yardley shares a message that he wrote while working during the rescue mission at the Oklahoma City Bombing. The message has been memorialized on the wall of the Oklahoma City National Memorial Museum.

Governor Mary Fallin reflects on our grace 20 years later with words of comfort to the survivors during the 20th Memorial Service.

President Bill Clinton speaks about preparing his heart and mind to speak to the survivors. He also looks back 20 years and describes the impact the Oklahoma City community had on our nation. 

Episode 12 Production Notes

Original podcast date: May 18, 2015

Don Swift • Executive Producer, Project Concept & Marketing
Rick Buchanan • Producer, Researcher, Writer
Ken Sarkey • Producer, Recording Engineer, Music Composer, Editor
Jeremy Gossett • Producer, Recording Engineer, Program Announcer
Brenda Bennett • Program Host
Stephanie Moore • Project Coordinator, Scheduling, Social Media & Marketing, Web Assistance
Nina Jones • Web Design

In order of their appearance, those interviewed or included in this episode:

Mike Turpen
Rockie Yardley
Governor Mary Fallin
President Bill Clinton

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