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Where Were You on
April 19, 1995
at 9:02am?

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If you ask a native Oklahoman where they were on April 19th, 1995, most can tell you… within a matter of seconds. The day Oklahoma City’s Alfred P. Murrah building was bombed is a day many Oklahoman’s can’t forget. The city and it’s community will forever be changed. We will always remember the moments before, and the moments after.

The blast was felt for miles around. Billows of smoke in the shape of mushroom clouds hung over the building contrasting with the beautiful blue Oklahoma sky. Dusty air from the cemented clouds emerged from rubble as paper floated in the air. Cars were on fire, glass was glistening against the tarred streets and terror rested on the faces of those that managed to escape the destruction. No one knew what exactly happened and trying to save lives became many persons first and only priority.

Categorized as the worst  act of Domestic Terrorism carried out by a U.S. citizen in the History of America on American soil made this catastrophic scene not only a recovery scene… but also, a crime scene. In this episode, you will hear stories and details from first responders like Oklahoma City Police Department’s then Sgt. (Lt.) Bruce Davis, the former Governor Frank Keating, the FBI Special-Agent-In-Charge Bob Ricks and Jon Hansen, the assistant fire chief.

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