Episode 1: Production Notes

Episode 1 Production Notes

Original podcast date: February 12, 2015

Don Swift • Executive Producer, Project Concept & Marketing
Rick Buchanan • Producer, Researcher, Writer
Ken Sarkey • Producer, Recording Engineer, Music Composer, Editor
Jeremy Gossett • Producer, Recording Engineer, Program Announcer
Brenda Bennett • Program Host
Stephanie Moore • Project Coordinator, Scheduling, Social Media & Marketing, Web Assistance
Nina Jones • Web Design

Notes on Episode 1:

Our special music is “Annie’s Song”, composed and performed by Drew Faulkner, a student at Northwestern Oklahoma State University. Piano and orchestration arranged and performed by Ken Sarkey, and recorded at Cornerstone Recording Co., Edmond, Oklahoma.

A number of guests were Interviewed in this episode; some we hear from briefly now, but will hear more of their account in upcoming episodes.

They are:

Trey Davis
KTOK News reporter, shares his First-on-the-Scene account

Veyda Sarkey Burbridge
Local business woman and great-grandma

Bob Ricks
Chief of Police – Edmond Oklahoma Police Dept., formerly FBI Special Agent In Charge – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Christy Sarkey
Sergeant – Edmond Oklahoma Police Dept., formerly with the FBI and Bomb Squad Member, she was a College Student in 1995.

Phil Bacharach
Editor of Oklahoma City Gazzette,

Kent Frates
Oklahoma City attorney and author of “Oklahoma’s Most Notorious Cases”

Jon Hansen
Assistant Fire Chief – Oklahoma City Fire Dept.

Bruce Davis
Formerly with the Oklahoma City Police Dept.

Albert Ashwood
Director, Oklahoma State Emergency Management.

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